Friday, 24 February 2012


We have just held the MOSI fashion show and it feels like all our hard work has finally paid off.
Fashion Show Evaluation

For the MOSI fashion show I was part of the catwalk group. I help by sourcing wine glasses to use for the reception before the show, contacting Gorton Tesco and Fallowfield Sainsbury's about their free glass hire and the deposits required. We later decided that the deposit of £210 for 280 glasses was too high. Instead I contacted John Hobson, a relative who works at the Hollings campus as a lecturer for the Hospitality Management course, to see whether it would be possible to borrow the university glasses at a lower deposit fee. At this point it was decided that we would be allowed to use plastic cups to serve the wine so I was able to source them from an events supply company for £13.13.

Another aspect I contributed to was suggesting fitting music for the catwalk. We wanted darker music, with a build up to a heavy beat to set the models pace, which was in-keeping with the theme of industry and machinery. I know there were a few issues regarding several DJ's cancelling however this was quickly resolved. We discussed the ordering of outfits as a group, organising them into the more floaty or dreamlike garments as the opening garments, leading onto the brighter outfits and finally into blacks and greys. The first and last outfits were by Amelia Ashley and Aimee Barrow, which i think worked well as the structure and size of Amelia's is gave a dramatic opening and the flowing fabric and length of Aimee's linked to the couture shows that traditionally close with a long (typically wedding) dress. Next time I would perhaps swap Alice and Aimee's ordering, making Alice's garment the closing outfit due to the original design and stage presence perhaps having more effect.

On the day of the show, I helped to move the speakers down into the changing room. I worked backstage dressing and assisting models and rearranged the racking order with Marianne, by grouping the outfits in order by which model would be wearing them for each change to avoid confusion when they were initially removed from the rails in complete running order. I also set up and served the wine. We originally wanted to hand out one raffle ticket to each guest on the list which would entitle them to a glass of wine. Due to only having one guest list, which Samantha required, it was a slow process handing out the tickets and guests became bored and confused waiting in the lobby. We decided to discard the idea as there were plenty of beverages and it was better to run out than have wastage. Another issue was that the wine bought was two variations of white, rather than the usual red and white. Next time we would obviously have both types and it would be discussed in the group before purchase.

Reflecting upon our first indoor show, I feel it went well despite the minor glitches mentioned. The music and ordering ran smoothly and the spacing meant that there was time for models to be dressed and on the catwalk even if they had up to three changes. Next time I would like more involvement in the PR side of the show as I didn't seem to touch upon that. We would also have more organisation regarding greeting guests and arranging where they could wait before being seated as there was a lack of communication or planning regarding this.