Monday, 19 March 2012


My boyfriend and I took a trip to Salford yesterday in the hope of going to the Sunday market at Islington Mill. However, it was completely deserted so we decided to explore Salford. There didn't seem to be alot to do on Mothering Sunday in Salford so we left pretty quickly but not before I snapped these picture on my Konica Minolta analog SLR, I got my film developed today. I was inspired by the once beautiful but now dilapidated buildings and the high rise council flats stark against the skyline. My favourite building was the Old Bank Theatre (3rd image down). 

This is a comment on a local blog from John Tindall: 
"I used to work for The National Bank Ltd in Piccadilly, Manchester. Every now and then I would have to travel to the National Bank, Chapel Street, Salford, to stand in for staff on holiday. This is the building that became the theatre. But originally is was an Irish bank that carried most of the Roman Catholic accounts in Manchester including those of the cathedral."

This could be an exciting venue for future collaborations, exhibitions or events...