Friday, 17 May 2013


I felt that the womenswear group worked well as a collective, with similar ideas, good communication and a willingness to compromise. I felt our prints worked well together and our designs fitted well as a collection. Attendance in general was good meaning we could discuss ideas and developments regularly which was useful.

However I felt as a whole, there were some domineering personalities within the group, with an unwillingness to compromise, to the detriment of our overall designs and presentation. I felt that I was one of the only people to sample as well as contributing fabrics to the fabric board and buying and sharing fabrics to sample with. It was a difficult task to combine mens and womenswear as well as 6 peoples individual concepts which meant cooperation and compromise was key in creating a well-gelled collection. I wasn't particularly pleased with the result and was disappointed that Paul and Sarah thought the same.

I printed Vikki and Jess' designs onto jersey and organza as they aren't inducted into the print room and we wanted print samples for the presentation. I also printed my own print design. Print design and sampling was my main role as well as designing and combining everyones concepts. I also focused on defining and illustrating the muse, trying to make sure she fitted with the DKNY brand and aesthetic. 

I felt the presentation went ok and that we spoke well as a group and coherently but i felt the boards were too cluttered and had a 'home made' feel and that it could have been more professional. I also felt the designs were too busy and agreed with paul that important ideas had been overlooked. However I did like the hook fastenings which Paul felt weren't DKNY.  I feel there were not enough sampling to illustrate Nicci's ideas which is perhaps why they didn't seem to work for DKNY.

I want to continue Sarah's pleats inspired by architecture and Vikki's triangle print into my own designs and final line up as I think these ideas work well together and we all had similar shapes in our initial designs. I have learnt that I want my presentation to be minimal and clear and have learnt a lot about presentation of samples and presentation in general. It was useful to see the selected groups final boards and designs as inspiration and a learning curve.